6 things to consider in a public register in 2021

I know, open enrollment is to let my group health insurance coverage decisions at times, but my employer also offers let me buy other types of insurance, and the signing of the benefits of including some tax breaks. ? I should consider these transactions

Yes. Registration is open not only to the opportunity of your choice, for the next year your health insurance plan (see make changes in health insurance for most 2013 ), but also provide an opportunity for you to buy at a discount or other groups Insurance aside pre-tax money account can help with your medical care, child care and commuting costs. Here are six benefits, you may be eligible to NT enrollme during the open season this fall.

Tax-free money for medical expenses. If your employer offers a medical flexible spending account, take advantage of it. Medical FSA lets you set aside tax-free cash to pay medical expenses exceeded, such as co-payments and deductibles you (but not premiums), your spouse and eligible dependents. Most plans even let you use the money for the children by the year they turn 26 years old, regardless of whether they’re your health insurance or families considered for tax purposes. 2013, you can contribute up to $ 2,500 per person account (limited to the first few years of decline, due to recent legislation). Please see our how much I should put in my flexible spending account? calculator to help determine how much MONEŸ contribution, and see seven kinds of intelligence for the purpose of money Flex- account How can you spend money more information.

Young children or the elderly care tax-free money. Many employers allow you to set aside up to $ 5,000, before taxes, paid in the dependent care FSA (limit per family) take care of a child who is younger than 13, you and your spouse can work or look for work. You may also, while you work, if an elderly parent who is physically or mentally incapable of living with you to take care of themselves or their (ask your employer about it rules) to pay medical expenses with money account. See tax cuts for the care of the elderly toFor more information. It is generally more valuable than tax cuts from the dependent care FSA dependent care tax fame, unless you have a very low income. See FSA or child care credit? for more information.

And from work tax relief. You may also be able to set aside pre-tax money to help fund the round-trip time. You can contribute up to $ 125 monthly public transportation pass or van pool costs, up to $ 240 a month qualified parking fee. For more information, please refer to the SaveSmartSpendHealthy.com commuter benefit pages.

Extra help protect your income. Many employers allow you to purchase additional disability insurance, you pay for yourself, after you leave your job, you can keep. People often if they have already received some basic disability insurance coverage ignore this as a free employee benefits. Policy paid by the employer is a good start, but they are taxable, generally cover your basic salary (excluding any bonuses) is only 60%; your monthly pre-tax benefits are likely capped at $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. If there is not enough money to pay the bills, consider purchasing additional coverage through employers. These voluntary policies generally provide a free range of supplementary welfare provided by the employer. In addition, income tax when you pay your premiums, you will not have to pay. For more information about disability insurance, disability insurance, please refer to the better deal. See Council disability awareness interactive website, Defend your income For more information about the risks and disability insurance and to help calculate whether there is sufficient coverage.

Long -term car at a discount to the group. In the past few years, many employers and individual insurance providers compared to long term care insurance policy, employees at 5% group discount of 10%. This strategy usually have many of the same benefits, personal insurance, you can get them after you leave your employer. But low interest rates and higher than expected claims is causing some major insurance companies to leave the business. If your employer still offer this insurance, compared with the individual long-term care policy benefits and price. For more information about long term care insurance, see for the long-term care navigationCourses

The opportunity to purchase additional life insurance. Your employer can also give you an opportunity to buy additional life insurance suppleme NT you get things done receive any free coverage. If you’re healthy, but you’re likely to get a better deal by buying their own policies. Insurance companies generally believe that this proposal Group Policy will apply to most people in poor health, so the interest rate is usually higher than they are preferred rates for individual policies, interest rates usually go up every five years instead of staying fixed in 20 or 30 years.