Money Lessons Children should Entertainment

Every year, I make the national financial literacy month period to a point to go to school or similar establishments, to see how children actually learn financial management skills. And every year I was very moved. Children often know how they get little money a bad name, and school formal financial education is the best uneven. However, I almost invariably met a group of students who are eager to learn, help teachers and special programs of engagement.

This year’s remarkable is a game of financial football, I’m in financial literacy and education summit to participate in Chicago (see the video – click on the “second group”), a federation of Visa and Chicago reserve Bank of hosting. Effective way a theme for the tower regressed entertainment is to seize the attention of children appeared in the entire conference.

This is of course the financial football, Visa development coincides with the real World Cup 2010 video game (play free In the game I saw, from Hinsdale South High School students of a team in the game that turned out to be as much as a real nail biter of a game fight each other. The children were divided into two teams – in this case, the United States and the United Kingdom – and to answer questions about banking, credit, investment and other financial topics choice moved the ball down the field. The team has a celebrity coach – Kobe Bryant Jones and Brian McBride, former star of the US national soccer team – plus adult experts (like me) a group, they can use as a lifeline

Thorium Ë children , who is in the school of business and financial management, do not need to visit us often. I’m just as happy. The problem is difficult. However, the students called out answers with surprising ease. They know, for example, tariffs on imported tax; you give something to select an investment over another when they were known as the “opportunity cost”; inflation will be the most harmful elderly fixed income; who believe that under the leadership of inventory is called as a bear (rather than goat); and, if you plan to carry a balance on a credit card, you should choose a low APR.

My team, England, stumbled on a question about the definition of loans and guarantees them a lifeline. Fortunately, we were able to lift their phone is a secured loanA need collateral. It was a tight game, and even I found myself counting the seconds of the clock nearing completion. The final score: 2-1, in favor of England.

Subsequently, the kids tell me they love the game, because it is “fun and interactive.” Toughest students to retirees, significantly, college loans, some of them young students have not understood the problem still is. They praised their money management classes, without it, they would not admit they made great progress down the field. This is to teach financial skills at school (I have student loans unit), a great witness.

After the game, the children were trapped open Bihe Brian for their signature. But this, after all, the financial knowledge of the meeting, so another guest they were also besieged, Rosie Rios, US Treasury Secretary, who wants her to sign the bill signing at the top of each bill. Even adults lined up.