The credit card is the most popular holiday spending

Some credit cards are more popular than others when it comes to holiday spending.

When it comes to holiday shopping, use a credit card to make a lot of sense. As long as you are responsible with your credit and plan before you pay off any interest expense incurred, the way credit card payments can be ideal. After all, the card allows you to get rewards, and take advantage of buyer protection measures, such as an extended warranty.

In two-thirds of Americans will use the credit card at least some holiday spending. According to YouGov survey shows that 68% of people use their credit cards this holiday season, although consumers of less than 30% will be dedicated to consumer credit. Others will use credit cards, debit cards and cash, but do not use credit cards have some CARD at all.

Among those who plan to use a credit card, there is a special type of credit card more popular than others.

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What type of credit card for the holiday most Americans consume?

According to YouGov back credit cards, and who intend to use a credit card to use 42% of holiday spending cash adults. This type of card – which gives the ratio of all expenses in cash incentives – is the most popular. According to the card, which may be stored in a statement, bank account or credit redemption.

Universal Card is the second most popular, who plan to use credit cards to select 35% of these holiday shoppers. And 16% will use the store card, making it the third most popular choice.

And another type of rewards card – a tour bonus – 15% of credit card users choice. Finally, 14% of the use of security card, the card 10% of users either do not know or choose some other type of card.

This is the best card with holiday shopping?

The good news is that most of these credit card users are a smart choice when it comes to their holiday payment. Cash back cards provide huge rewards, and receive a refund helped offset the cost of holiday shopping.

And the general-purpose memory cards, on the other hand, may not be ideal. As an added bonus with a credit card does not have a good rewards program. And memory cards tend to have a higher APR and store certain RewaYou often need to spend more RDS use them. You might get a store gift card, for example, but may end up spending more than the gift card amount when you go back and use it.

And travel cash back credit cards are a good choice, but you need to see which one works best for you. It depends on the kind of flower, what are you doing and what you plan to do with the reward. Most tourist card provides additional bonus, if you purchase tickets or hotel, so if you’re taking a trip of vacation they may be your best option payment.

Whether to use the same type of card for your fellow Americans?

Now, you know that cash back card is the most popular choice, you may want to consider jumping the bandwagon and use the cards themselves š ah, you can get paid for what you come back to buy.

The key is to make sure the card you choose is a good match for spending you’re doing. So, always look for a discount card rewards, cash back rewards, points, or something on the mile, you will spend the most during the holiday season. Our best travel rewards card or best card picks can help you find the one that best suits you.