Half of all Americans are setting themselves up holiday overspending

Do not go holiday shopping is no such a thing or two.

There are so many things on your holiday to-do list, it is easy to overlook how much you actually spend until you have to pay for it. No ruins holiday cheer very much like a huge credit card bills, and holiday splurge will lead you after a few months following the debt

There is a simple solution to this problem: Create a holiday budget. However, 49% of Americans who do not, according to a recent YouGov survey of international polling and market research firm. It’s your call, but creating a budget does not take long, it can save you a lot of financial pressure in the coming months. Here’s how to start.

A mother and daughter going Christmas shopping.

Make all your holiday costs

Started out making a list a list of all the extra expenses, you want this holiday season. Write down everyone you need to buy holiday gifts and related supplies, such as wrapping paper and cards. If you are traveling, flight planning, parking and spare gas needs. The hosts will need to plan to run more frequently, drinks, and an increase in food expenditures may be higher utilities than ordinary washing machine and dishwasher.

Decide how much we can spend

Consider how much money is in your savings account, you’ve saved recently paid holiday what successful. If you want to stay in a debt not spend any more than that.

You have control over travel and food costs less than you had a gift, so you may be required here. Find out what you need to open up a number of budget travel or entertainment and the first to set this to save money. Then, with the rest of your money on your shopping list to specify a spending limit for each person. It is up to you to decide how to divide it. You can spend the same amount or we invest more immediate family members, reduce others.

Find new ways to cut costs

Find out the way, especially if you reduce your current expenses budget does not allow you to spend as much as you’d like. Scan the Internet and coupons and information about upcoming sales, your local newspaper. If you time your shopping now, you may be able to get the gift you want at a lower price. Coupons can also help you shave a few dollars off your shoppingbill.

You may, if you agree to do potluck dinner and gift exchange can further reduce the cost of your food and gifts. This can significantly reduce how much you need to buy gifts, how much food you have to cook holiday.

As for tolls, which is a good thing, start looking for flights or hotels as soon as possible and pay attention to prices. However, if you have not booked, do not panic. Those who wait until the week before the holiday pay only about 2% of the average. As flexible with your travel dates, will help too. Tickets are often cheaper the week, they may be cheaper in the days shortly before or after their vacation ratio.

Using a credit card rewards to your advantage. Cash back rewards can help with many PUR chase, travel rewards can help you save air tickets or hotel. You have to check how many bonus points by reading your latest credit card bill or log in to your online account.


Your budget is no good if you refuse to follow it. Please refer to it again and write down your expenses so that you know how much each costs on the rest of the list you have. Resist the temptation to buy something for yourself. Instead, they recommend these items as gift ideas to friends and family, or you receive any holiday gifts after the purchase of the project.

The earlier you start planning for the holidays, the easier it will be your wallet, but it’s never too late to get control of your holiday spending. If you have started your holiday shopping, pay attention you’ve spent, and decide how much more affordable. You may need to change some of your plan, if you realize that you can not all the costs, but this is not the assumption of debt could threaten your future financial security is better.