How to track down the missing life insurance policy

My sister-in-law died recently. We thought she had a life insurance policy, but we retrieved through her papers, I could not find a. Is there a way to find out if she still has a policy, and if so, what company?

There is no centralized database for tracking life insurance policy, but you can use a variety of strategies, as well as some new resources to help your investigation.

Through her papers search is a good first step (of course, you must be her legal representative or family members approved to do so). Looking at her bank records and canceled checks to pay, and check her tax return for the taxable dividends or withdrawals, it can help you find evidence of insurance companies. Life insurance agent to also look at h uh address book contact information, financial planners, accountants, lawyers or other advisers, and ask if the consultant knows life insurance policy. Contact with her other types of policies, each insurer and ask if she has a life insurance there. And keep any eye on the premium mail notification

If your sister work at the time of her death, she contacted the company’s employee benefits office – she might have some work coverage. After checking with former employers, and see if she voluntarily purchase additional coverage, and keep it, she left work.

If the initial search failed to produce results, contact state insurance department where she lived (see the National Association of Insurance Commissioners mapped to state regulators, contact information). Several states and Puerto Rico have new resources to help people track down lost life insurance policies, including Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio and Oregon. Program is also being developed Rhode Island and Texas.

Policy Missouri positioning services, for example, to help track down the relevant Missouri purchasing life insurance policies and annuity information. Legal representative and executor of the deceased, and people who believe they may be beneficiaries may submit original form and notarized death certificate after a search request. Missouri license request is forwarded to the insurance company within 30 days, if a policy where the insurance company will contact the beneficiary. Since the launch in November 2011, the service has located a total of $ 148,000 to benefitBy.

If a country is no specific program to find the missing life insurance, it may still have resources that can help you with your search. Ask for contact information for licensed life insurance companies doing business in the country’s state insurance department, and contact their company. Insurance sector can also help you find the latest contact information, because your sister to buy a policy, the insurance company may be merged.

A country unclaimed, lost property office, may eventually get the money, if the insurer knew a person had died, but was unable to contact beneficiaries. You can or several states unclaimed web search, property database second, by link to unclaimed each country, the unclaimed property division National Association of property administrator. See 4 ways to get lost money from government agencies to find out more about the properties of a database to trace unclaimed funds in the United States.

Medical Information Bureau’s policy positioning service can also help. Insurance companies who are members of the MIB to share their life insurance policies on underwriting applicant found during general medical and other information. For information since 1996, presented to members of the company’s services to track the application of the policies (although most of the members of the life insurance company, the service does not track Group Policy.)

Not everyone can get. You must be the executor of the deceased’s estate or surviving spouse; if neither execution nor the spouse, children of the deceased or other qualified representative can request. Who the query must provide the original death certificate.

Service fee of $ 75 will take about 10 days to produce a report. If applicable to any member of the life insurance company of your sister-in-law, the report will include the company’s name, the date of submission of the application and information about how the insurance company. Then, the insurance company can tell you if the policy is actually issued, whether it is still valid, who is the beneficiary.

While you track your sister-in-law’s life insurance policy, remember to keep a good record of their own, so that you can leave your heirs the same trouble. American Council of Life Insurance Company recently launched a new tool for my insurance record to help people pass key information about insurance and retirement programs on behalf of beneficiaries and personal representatives. In addition, beneficiaries must maintain contact letterInterest rates, date with your insurance company, which will make them easier to track your heirs.