The value of China’s top universities ranked FAQ

This year, you row together in public and private colleges and universities. It was the first?

Yes. Because so many variables will affect your college paid – including your children enter school type, you qualify for financial assistance, the kind of funding schools and school price tag – which is critical to start by looking at College search the universe of institutions, and not just limit yourself to just private or public schools. For this reason, this year presents a combination of Kipling, the highest ranking institutions from the optimum value of our independent private schools and public schools. Now we present 2015 public schools and private schools rankings rankings together, so you can see the comparison list in one place.

OTH uh what do you do change the rankings?

In an important change in previous years, our ranking now only measuring graduation rate for four years. This change punishable with a high proportion of school students graduate in five or six years, but it is based on simple math: your child graduates faster, for less money, you will spend his or her education

Why the combination at the top of the list of mostly private schools?

Private schools usually offer more generous financial aid, and had better graduation rates than public universities, for which they reward our ranking system.

Should not be represented in all 50 states in the rankings? My school does not appear in any of the lists.

In some countries, there is no school meet our standards, quality and affordability.

Please fee listed in the table reflects all of a school year or four-year undergraduate education?

One year. Each agency fees and the amount of financial aid a year average cost reflects the amount.

Why did not you include military academies, this is not only the top academic school is tuition-free? They even Fuxue Sheng participate.

Our rankings broad-based curriculum focused on the traditional four-year schools. School specific offer great value, but the focus is narrow academic programs, such as the military academies, are excluded. Another exception is a member of Cornell University, the most famous of the Ivy League. Cornell University is a private fourLY given part of the University, which is the private sector that we consider. But three colleges at Cornell University is a land-grant public schools.

But this year, we have included several schools in the City University of New York system. In the past few years, we did not include the City University of New York system, because the calculation of the cost of one of our rankings we consider room and board, and provide only limited housing City University of New York system. City University of New York system strengthened since some campus housing. Campus housing in our 2015 ranking of all CUNY schools.

Why do you put personal rankings for the two lists?

In order to better compare one by one, the private sector of our group into the two categories. A team of private liberal arts colleges, which focus on undergraduate education, and other teams of private universities, including graduate students.

Why Washington and Lee University designated, if it has “university” in their names in liberal arts university?

We rely on the Carnegie classification system, which is defined as a greater number of liberal arts colleges award master’s and doctoral schools that provide arts degree major and private universities of. We exclude special schools, such as teachers college, law school, and from our ranking Chinese medicine school.

I have been to college rankings are based on subjective opinion, there is no hard data. is that true?

Unlike other university rankings, our completely measurable criteria, such as teacher-student ratio based, ADMission rate, on-time graduation rate, price and financial assistance. Whether our opinion, there is no influence others calculations.