10 travel tweeters you should follow to save money

There are numerous micro-blog dedicated to handle travel. Some outstanding share photos, introduced some of the most mouth-watering dishes in detail, while others are in the most luxurious hotel and spa reports. And, of course, there are those traveling on a budget of your comments.

Writes about travel and as between social media manager, I’ve spent more than my fair share of interesting lead-hour travel scanning Twitter. Here are some of my favorite tourist Twitter handle to follow, it will be particularly interesting budget-minded readers.


Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, author and reporter. He is good at fighting the little guy when it comes to problems with the airline merger, garbage fees, travel loyalty program, code-sharing and more. Give him a follow-up to see how he solved his readers of travel problems or difficult situations to see his guidance to consumers. His advice might prove useful next time you face a travel snafu.


Airfarewatchdog.com who founded by George Hobica, another reporter in the consumer travel issues. As a warning ticket website, scrub it all airlines (in severe set of standards), so that readers in the airline offers. According to Airefarewatchdog team up-to-minute save money fares.


The airline division of the world it can be very confusing, but points Kelly have it under control. Followed consciousness he and his team made to maximize your regulars and credit card programs, as well as in Trade remind


Johnny Jeter is a Blogger who we specialize in travel to save money. With the trip includes visits to more than 20 countries each year, he knows a thing or two about the ins and outs of the travel industry. He is the top daily travel deals, travel tips, top applications and websites, againPlus interesting news travel a great follow-up.


Chris McGinnis is a travel correspondent, reporter and writer for business travel specific eye. Suggested that he travel to save money it can be found in numerous publications, as well as on his website travelskills.com. Followed him from INTERNA range of tips tional phone plans reward program, it is recommended to specific destinations. He is also a popular Twitter #TravelSkills chat (and @JohnnyJet), in the meantime, come together to share their favorite co-sponsored travel tips online through Twitter tourists.


EuroCheapo specializing in helping people take advantage of a trip to Europe, especially by purse hotel reviews. According to EuroCheapo hotel recommendations, coupled with low-cost airlines, car rental, rail pass and save money guidance purposes.


Frugal tourists through the blog of The New York Times, focused on “high-low-budget style.” It’s a lot of feed are specific recommendations regarding destination cities save it large follow-up. I want to do on a weekend in Chicago $ 100? The frugal traveler has you covered.


We started this one was particularly large audience. STA Travel special travel discounts for students and young people. And on Twitter, STA to share their already discounted tour numerous transactions. Give it a double down subsequent savings.


The official Twitter of the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs of the handle may not save you much money, but it can save you a headache. Under follow the travel alerts and notifications, as well as to guide the visitors to less than ideal conditions (think weather emergency or health and safety issues.)


Do not let the name fool Update Agent yo U: there are many more, in addition to New York City this handle.For weather and traffic updates from airports around the country, which is a tracking and checking before your next flight. Again, it may not save you much money, but it can make you rush to the airport only to find that the flight has been delayed.