How to avoid nasty hotel costs eight

Hotel, is expected to collect $ 2.25 billion in costs this year, a record, according to the report of the New York University School of Medicine, specializing in the study. The number to some extent, this reflects the amount already occupied rooms increased slightly. But in most cases, it’s more hotel levy fees and charges a higher amount of results.

Have cost so much, it becomes more difficult for travelers to find out  Stayful, founder of the website boutique hotel-style apartment and CEO said, they’ll be charged for their rooms in addition to what they pay. You may not know you’ve been hit with, until you checkout fee to get your bill.

You can often avoid the extra cost, but if you know which hotel ŧypically add usage charges. Here is how to get them to your bill eight common ownership and suggestions.

The Wi-Fi charge. This fee is ranked in a recent user survey Stayful most terrible cost. Rosner said, the hotel often advertise that they have free Wi-Fi, but it’s just no free access in the lobby. It may be $ 15 or more a night – if you go in your room, you will be hit with a charge. One way to resolve a charge is registered hotel loyalty program, which should be free, Rosner said. Under normal circumstances, you will immediately receive rights such as free Wi-Fi. In addition, if you have a smart phone you can use its restraint features that make it a mobile hotspot can provide to your computer online hotel Bo President Bob Diener, Oukai website IPhone users should look under “Personal Hotspot” setup menu. May result in data traffic costs, your wireless carrier, so check to make sure it’s a cost-effective option has.

Parking fees. In some cities, the hotel charges $ 45 a night for up to guests in their garage or parking lots, Rosner said. Free on-street parking with a check or charge lower interest rates near parking lot – especially if you use coupons. For example, the icon parking system has been in more than 200 parking garages throughout New York CityCoupon interest rate. Another option is less likely because the suburban hotel parking fees to stay outside the city Isar Meitis, president of a last-minute trip he said. In addition, you may pay less ÿ our room.

Service charge. These cost a lot of property, but is usually covered facilities and services, such as towels and bottled water swimming pool, spa or gym. The resort does not always announce these costs on its website, until you’ve got the final stage in the booking process. However, as Stayful and hotel booking website early disclosure of these costs, so it makes it easier to compare the resort fee that is charged. Meitis said, you should tell the resort early, if you do not plan to use the service fee covered services. Some property will be exempt from fees.

Minibar charges. Most tourists know that the minibar snacks and drinks at the hotel outrageously high. But you know you can get charged to your own food in your room refrigerator? Simply move the mini bar items may lead to a charge because removed minibar items using sensor detects when many hotels. If you see something you do not consume the responsibility to show the hotel clerk, it still exists and contest the charge. Also note that the water is free of those snack-looking bottles or baskets – they may not be free. Even if you do not see the connection to their price, ask the front desk if there are charges.

Laid person fee. Check the hotel room occupancy rate policy, if you are in your party more than two people, because you may have additional people in the room fee to play (rates are usually based on a room). This can even apply to families of children wit ^ h. Many hotels allow children to stay for free, but the definition of the child may be very different by the hotel, Diener said. In order to avoid costs before this, you need your book, so you can search for another hotel does not charge it is aware of it.

Early check-in and late check-out fee. Check-in is usually 15:00, and check-out are usually 11 am if you need more time, at the front desk check first to make sure you at no extra charge. Diener said, you can registerFor the hotel loyalty program, which may include late check-out as a perk to avoid fees.

luggage storage fee. So you get through your luggage out of the room when avoiding late check-out fee. But you ask them to stay in the store, and you do a few more hours of sightseeing. Just be sure to ask if there is a deposit bag fee, because many hotels now charge $ 1 or $ 2 per bag, Rosner said. If so, try to convince your way fee, or take your luggage with you.

-Room safe fee. If you find checking into your room, there is a safe for your valuables, and ask whether you will be charged for using it. Rosner said, but some hotels charge a fee guests have in-room safes are available, even if the guests do not use security. If this is the case, he asked if there was another room without a safe, so you do not get hit with the fee.