How to Cash in spring cleaning

After nearly half a year of marriage, my husband and I finally solved that in every corner of our apartment piled up boxes of his stuff and our wedding gift. In this process, we organized the whole place – to find our house everything “new” on the home side to clear the old.

Throughout the process, we’ve unearthed a veritable treasure trove of potential revenue sources throw our former wasteland. If you invest some time after spring cleaning, be sure to take the trash disguised as six possible treasure stock:

a) Money

My level, a hoarding problem has finally paid off … big time. ( Kipling does not in any way encourage or condone hoarding.) As we shuffled around the apartment piles of piles of papers second, we are located we can use flexible spending account claims amounted to nearly $ 2000 a receipt.

You just miss out on most employers ended March 15 date, then you need to spend 2010 FSA funds. But you may still have time to submit your request: My company, for example, to the participating employees, until June 15, raised whenever the receipt displays the service to be rendered on or before if no leakage accounts purchased March 15 you will want to kiss goodbye cash. (See the KIM:. Take advantage of new Flex-Account FSA rules more about how to work)

Also pay attention to the receipt, you can use it to lower taxes, such as charitable contributions or job search expenses, If you itemized. For more write-off you might have forgotten, look at our slide show: The most overlooked tax deductions.

2) Gift Cards

It is sure to sift through the clutter of your gift card is not in use. Even if you do not care about their own use, you can still derive value before maturity. Exchange sites, such as gift cards or plastic jungle grandmother will buy gift cards as part of their value (see KIP Tip: get fast cash for more information).

3) E

With the escalation outFaster than you can say, “I like this new thing I just bought!” (Silly, sexy iPad 2), your latest gadget may enter a bunch of obsolete sooner than you think. Rather than junking all electronic goods, you can try:

… Sell them will buy computers and ACCessories, gaming systems, MP3 players, digital cameras, satellite radio and GPS equipment. Enter you want to sell, and answer the kinds of electronic devices on several of the issues. Then Gazelle will make you an offer. If the item is worth more than $ 10, you can be transported to the company for free, if all checks out, you will get paid within ten working days.

… Exchange them. Some companies may also allow you to change the credit of the old project. For example, Apple’s recycling program will take any old computer off your hands – Mac or PC – (The company will provide shipping materials and postage, and you can mail), Apple gift cards and value to your set. If the company that your old computer is not worth anything, it will recycle it for you anyway. HP offers a similar trade-in program, but you have to buy a new HP or Compaq products. You can then send your old product and get a new penalty. Bring your old iPod to an Apple store and get a 10% discount on a new one.

… Book donations of people and in harvest tax deduction, if you itemized (see Tax Tip: Only Itemizers can deduct charitable donations). National Cristina Foundation will your old computers, software and accessories, and find their new home, to help provide computer training to the less fortunate. Old mobile phones can be donated by

… Recovery thereof. Best Buy, for example, your second-hand TV (up to 32 inches), but you have to pay $ 10 gift car d $ 10 to get back to do so. or try to find a new local home for your old stuff.

Regarding donations and recycling of electronic products, including how to secure,Completely wipe all your personal information from them, please visit the EPA’s eCycling home page for more information. See how to get more information on the disposal of TechnoTrash.

4) Jewelry

Under pat your jewelry box to fill your pocketbook. As of late March of this year, gold topping $ 1,400 an ounce, up 28% over the past year; silver is close to $ 40 an ounce to double what it was worth last year; and platinum hovered at $ 1,750 an ounce, about a year earlier an increase of 7%. So, now is a great time in your brilliant baubles trade as some big money.

You may immediately think of the ad for and similar gold-buying service (you late night TV fans). But you put your jewelery back before the mail slot, try the auction house, real estate buyers and jewelers shop around to find and compare deals. Even better, find identification through the National Association of jewelry appraisers. For each item or press the billable hours (usually $ 50 to $ 200 per hour), the appraiser will assess your jewelry.

5) Clothing

Go shopping in your closet items can sell second-hand stores. Sadly, a BCBGMAXAZRIA dress hanging in my closet, for example, has never satisfied its purpose to be my wedding rehearsal – thanks to my whimsical cold, snow flurry filled in mid-October wedding last week in New Jersey. Caught up with child’s play Ø˚F getting married, I’ve never return dress or find another reason to wear it. But pretty dresses can be found purpose again: The price is $ 238 initially (forgive my gentle bridezilla type of squandering), which can be resold as a partner of about $ 85 Derek Kennedy, Mustard Seed, and in Maryland Bei Sesi up of a second-hand store, said,

In general, the clothing will resell only one-third of the original retail price of a quarter, Kennedy said. However, handbags can do better – half the original price tag. In his shop, you will get half of the resale price to determine your project early. So, I will not immediately $ 42.50 from my rehearsal dinner dress pocket. Other businessShop can provide you with cash and store credit to pay part of part of. If you sell consignment shop, you will have to wait until you R project to collect money before any sale.

Call you choose second-hand shop or check their website before you head, you may need to make an appointment to sell your merchandise. And your goods should be in season, in style and fit with the rest of the product shop. You probably do not need to have your duds freshly dry cleaned, but they need to clean, no stains and neatly folded.

As your electronic goods, if you can not profit from your clothing, consider donating, and claimed tax benefits.

6) Books, music, movies, and other miscellaneous items

In many overlapping my husband’s and my music and movie collection to help reaffirm our compatibility, and It will help us pad piggy bank.

First of all, we will try to sell Japanese EM line. With 94 million active members, auction giant eBay may draw the largest number of virtual tables traders. Auction-style sales, you have to pay 25 cents listing fee $ 2, depending on your starting price. If you sell an item, you pay 9% of the final price of up to $ 50. To resolve your sales price, you pay a listing fee of 50 cents. If you sell something to between 99 cents and $ 50, you pay eBay selling prices 8% to 15%, depending on the type of product. Also see online sales success.

Or, you may fight eBay salesperson, such as iSold it (or Catherine Keener in “40 Year Old Virgin,” which words …… I have two DVD copies, if you are interested purchase) to help promote your goods. It is free to list your project, but if ISOLD it stays true to its name, you will pay 33% to 40% of your sales price, plus eBay and payment processing costs. Other sites to try: Amazon’s market, overstock and Craigslist. Especially if you want to sell furniture, Craigslist, or use your social network to find a local buyer who can swing things his pick. Just about its safety: see safety tips on Craigslist.

You can also try( pant ) and off-line step face satisfy a garage yard sale or potential customers. See KIP Tip Tip five: the right way to have a yard sale. And check with the local community center – many organizations garage sales within the vicinity. For example, my sister town will soon hold its annual garage sale. For $ 25 donation to the local volunteer first aid SQU ads, she can not sell her usually require a license, and enjoy all the traffic from other people’s concurrent sales without having to worry about her own for advertising.

Gave any other ideas to cash in clean-up? Please share in the comments box below. Let me know if you’re desperately looking for a DVD “About a Boy”; now I have three in my apartment. I’ll throw in the novel is free.