Where you should take advantage of giveaway

If the bakery is distributed free samples, I’ll take one. If the store has buy one get one free stuff, I need (or want), I would jump at the chance. And I tend to book airline, let me check bags free flight.

In short, I like gifts. That’s why I like Kiplinger.com contributing editor Erin Burt annual list of gifts fabulous. Each year, she managed to explore a variety of quality goods and services, you do not have to pay. For example, I found in looking for free kids’ meals, free travel and free university tuition is particularly useful, because I have a baby of her tips. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of gifts to her list, you have to take advantage of. Unless, that is, you think this is wrong ACCEPT something is free.

Wise bread contributor Craig Ford in his column recently asked readers this is the wrong free gift? He wrote, Wise Bread blog on reading some articles about the gifts, he noticed that some readers commented that this is cheap, and even immoral to take advantage of free stuff. He then asked if this is correct, receive free stuff, if you can afford it.

I’m curious readers to look at how moral Kipling gifts. You have to accept the goods or services, but the problem is they pay? Share your thoughts click the “comments” link.