You should do your shopping in Wal-Mart?

When it comes to Wal-Mart, most consumers either love it or hate it. Almost no middle ground. Wal-Mart Critics point for all the reasons in the long checkout line up its labor practices to buy things in other places.

However, each person who shuns the world’s largest retailer shopper, there is a person who loves it. Worldwide there are more than 245 million people visit its stores and website weekly , according to Wal-Mart’s corporate website. There are several good reasons there are so many fans:

Providing one-stop shopping Wal-Mart super center, you can get your car service, and have prescriptions filled, and you buy groceries, clothing, household goods, toys, tools, paint, electronics, garden supplies. Ü yo can cash checks, pay bills, send money, and increase funding prepaid card at Wal-Mart MoneyCenter. In many places, you can even get your hair and nails done, have your vision checked, and receive routine medical services.

Its low price. Although the retailer to change its slogan from the 2007’s “everyday low prices” to “save money to live better,” it is still hard to beat Wal-Mart’s everyday low prices., a website to help consumers find the cheapest products as compared to the prices in various Kmart, Target and Wal-Mart project, found that the total price tag is the lowest in Wal-Mart. Cheapism also found that Wal-Mart’s competitors to surpass the most famous brand grocery prices.

Its low price guarantee. Wal-Mart provides PRICE adjustment if the price of purchase within seven days of the change, which will be in line with local competitors’ prices. In fact, it recently launched a savings wheat field application, make it easier to match the price. Customers can type or by rewarding eGift Card or American Express Blue Jays in receipt printing bar code scanning them, then the application will search for local competitors’ ads in the price of the same product and refund the difference in Wal-Mart receipt number.

Of course, a warning to ensure that low-price . Price adjustment is not available for a particular gap orSpecial pricing program, or during certain time periods, such as running to the article Thanksgiving, Black Friday and (Thanksgiving week after the holiday) networks week purchased. Wal-Mart will ñOT make adjustments, if it’s the store price and the difference between their online prices. When it comes to price match, Wal-Mart will not match the tariff of other retailers. Rye refunds and savings are not generally apply to certain types of merchandise, including toys, electronics, household items and small appliances. Cheapism application under test, received only a $ 38.79 shopping trip 46% of the rebate. I tested it, and receive a $ 46.66 shopping trip $ 1.30 back.

You can find a better deal elsewhere

Although Wal-Mart’s low prices, they are not always the lowest. Because of its application and price match policy only considers the advertised price of the same product from local competitors, you can, if you do some comparison shopping to find yourself a better deal.

When we compared the conventional (not for sale) price of the normal price of various products and competitors Wal-Mart, we found 11 species, usually priced at less elsewhere in the project. And treatment experts say the consumer is equal to or lower than Wal-Mart’s sales at the beginning of the price can often find better products.

For example, Kristen Cook, editor-sale market trading site Ben said, many of Wal-Mart’s clothes to wear shoes priced at $ 20 to $ 30 consumers can find higher quality designer shoes, however, sold for the same price online discount retailers such as

And many Wal-Mart’s low-cost television and electronic products are low-end brand closed, Cook said. Consumers can get better value by purchasing brand-name electronics when they go on sale at retailers such as Best Buy or a substantial discount to buy the site, such as Fountain Column seconds. According to studied as Kiplinger, between Wal-Mart and not for the sales of electronic trading this year (through October 15) the highest volume so far of the five retailers. Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Best Buy and Fry’s people.

Amazon also this year’s highest volume car projects, games and toys, home and garden products trading,Five retailers camping and outdoor projects, according to DealNews. It is no fresh food products (except in the choice of location), Wal-Mart super center to do, but Amazon can compete in other product categories, and deliver them to your door.

COMP is the price to find the best deal, there are 15 trading sites that can help. Even if you find that Wal-Mart has the lowest price of the goods you want, and many of its competitors will match the price of retail giants (See how to get the retailer to match the price).