Tiger mom is teaching her children to financial independence?

In the book Amy Chua children around in the midst of controversy, Tiger Mother The Battle Hymn of the personal finance blog Beth Cobb Molina raises an interesting question: will prevent Chua helicopter parenting financial independence from her children in developing countries?

I mulled it in the book I read Chua Lam, in which law professor at Yale University, lays out her needs, no prisoners style of Chinese parenting philosophy. Choi made her children do not just hover; she threw them like a cruise missile, and grind it into the ground. Her two daughters, Sophia and Lulu, now teenagers, have never been allowed to attend a sleepover, have a play date, watching TV, playing computer games or get a grade lower than A., she was relentlessly forcing them to practice the PIA is not and violin – kick and scream sometimes lasted hours of confrontation – the final performance on the way in Carnegie Hall.

Tiger Mother does not solve common financial problems between parents and children, but I can imagine a dialogue Chua’s family might go:

“Mummy I have allowance? “” What to do? you do not have the time to spend money. ”

“Mom, can I have a cell phone? “” SMS is the work of the devil. Besides, you will ruin your finger. ”

“Mom, can I have money to go to the mall with my friends on Saturday? “” Saturday is the music practice. period. ”

‘Mom you’ll pay me, if I get an a in math? ‘Stone silence. Cold stare

have a lot to be said Chua’s philosophy – that is, with her parents thought Western soft, lest they destroy their children’s self-esteem who would not be rushed their children Compare. But her book is so extreme, you sometimes wonder if she put us – or just plain nuts.

In any case, she does not care for her child is independent, financially or otherwise, or to let them make their own choices. And to make a choice is the cornerstone of financial education.

That’s too bad, because her attitude towards money is to develop her daughter, practicing these times is crucial. A recent survey found that CitibankWomen are most often mentioned their mother who taught them the most about people’s personal finances. This is especially true of single women and Worm ñ aged 18-39

By pure coincidence, I found several completely unrelated book, I recently read a point reinforced. In the history of her female American Revolution, founding mother , coqui Roberts told Eliza Lucas Pinckney, mother of two Revolutionary War hero story. At the age of 16, she was her father entrusted to run three family plantation in South Carolina. After that, she became a mother myself, Eliza solve the “not in my desk and family, on the one hand management of luxury or extravagant, nor stingy and greedy, or too anxious attention to it, on the other.”

In the 20th century classic a tree in Brooklyn, grew up , given the investment at the beginning of Mary Rommely vote this century, she d learned aughter, Katie Nolan: “take a condensed milk to empty. clean the top of the cutting. into the finger length after cutting the strip bent rearwardly bar. clumsy tank will look like a star. the top of the slit. staple can then you closet darkest corners. every day, I put fifty cents on the inside. in three years there will be a small fortune, $ 50 offered them money, bought a lot in the country. ”

There are not always in a remarkable glimpse of her financial habits Cai book. She candidly admitted that she bribery girl – with treats, gifts and even pet dogs – let them do what they want. She put a lavish parties, Sophia made her Carnegie Hall debut, and panic buying Lulu violin made by her husband to break her retirement account.

However, Chua said, her goal is to stand out in the future “armed their skills, work habits and inner confidence.” And God knows they will self-discipline, successful management of the funds necessary qualities by preparing girls. Therefore, children may be better, after all.