6 things you need to know Holiday Tipping

1. Make a cheat sheet.

Began to those who most closely with you or your family. For many people, you often see, a weekend nanny, cleaning people, hairstylist, massage therapist or personal trainer, an example of a session or visit, cost is a good benchmark. About a week’s wages, maybe a small gift from your child is suitable for a nanny. Newspaper couriers, garbage and recycling collectors (if they are allowed to accept tips) should get about $ 10 to $ 30 each. If you live in a building, doorman, gave him a tip at least $ 15 with a handwritten note, you appreciate people, what her school services specified protocol Diana Gottsman, etiquette expert and founder of Texas, said that double your tip.

2. Exercise discretion.

If someone working for several years or provide you with excellent service, you can hit amount. Likewise, you can reduce it in person, you tip or its services throughout the year have not been prominent. Where you live, there are differences: in the big cities is often higher skills than in rural areas. “If in doubt, ask around,” Peggy Post, Emily Post Institute says. However, if a neighbor told you, she’s Tipping her twice handyman, you can afford it, you do not have to match.

3. Maintain timely. Before the end of the

Try to tip the holiday Gottsman said. In the beginning of the season, said tip, near Thanksgiving to your recipients have the opportunity to use money or gifts to p ü other charges at the end of this year. In person delivery tip is ideal, but difficult to capture people, such as your newspaper carrier, you can trace the address, you can mail a card, check (some might leave you pre-specified addressed envelope). You can also ask to leave a note at your door when you might be able to see him.

4. Money is not all powerful.

If you want to give more individual (or cheaper) gifts, homemade crafts and foods, chocolate, and wine are to go to the option (but pay attention to dietary restrictions). Monogrammed handkerchief or notebook display, you put some time and thought into your gift. Latte drinkers might likeGift card, her favorite coffee shop. If prompted or gift does not meet your budget, write a thank you note. Posts recommendation letter sent gram, say, the boss of your cleaning staff praise her work. “Gift or skill is not an obligation,” Gottsman said. “This is the holiday cheer and good gesture.”

5. Not everyone can be tricky.

Does not give money to professionals such as accountants, lawyers and doctors, although gifts are welcome. Postal carriers are not allowed to bring cash or cash equivalents, for example, can be converted to cash checks or stored value card. You may, however, provide a gift worth less than $ 20, such as nursing home staff workers and garbage collectors from employers prohibit employees to accept tips or gifts. Check the company’s policy.

6. It’s good to accept.

Give up the year-end gifts or gratuities is mainly a way to express your gratitude. But the generosity can benefit you. Your hair stylist would never intentionally mess up your dye job, if you skip a holiday tips, but she may be more inclined, if you are good you squeeze him at the last minute. “We work better when we know someone that we appreciate,” Gottsman said.