When trying to save money on vacation Backfire

I guess my meticulous planning will save my family money, when we put this past week vacation. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans ……

Our week-long visit to Salt Lake City to participate, then drove to Yellowstone national Park and Grand Teton national Park. I booked our tickets early, adequate score Southwest Airlines low fares, the specific route we are taking. In addition, I have enough frequent flyer points to offset some of the cost of the ticket (see How to earn air miles do not fly). By Fei Xinan, we will be able to check up to two bags per person is free of charge.

However, our flight was canceled the night before we were scheduled to leave, because we are through Chicago, a local fire fly in the air traffic control center disrupted air travel across the United States. When I saw the e-mail notification I canceled, I called Southwest and my husband started searching online for other airlines. After staying in maintaining more than one hour, I finally spoke to a customer service representative who gave me a full refund for the canceled our flight. And my husband managed to get to Salt Lake City American Airlines carried more per ticket than our original flight southwest of $ 40 even though we took a hit, it could have been worse.

But it was American Airlines charges $ 25 every time we checked baggage. So we went out three $ 75 checked baggage. Carry-on baggage and not because we need several layers of clothing we hold our children to wear in the mountains five options, as well as a pull RGE backpack along during the hiking trails.

I packed snacks to get on the plane, but we ended up at the airport to buy a meal, because we have reached our flight, then the second round for the first leg before lunch, which wait three before dinner time and right away Hours.

Then, our first day in Yellowstone, we had to buy a hat child. I do not have any package (even though my husband said I should), because the forecast called for a high point in the 1960s. But there are strong winds, it did not get much above 50 degrees.

But fortunately, my plan did help offset some of the additional costs we generate.

Since Our original flight plan for Salt Lake City late afternoon, we have decided the following day to the north to Yellowstone to maintain the first night of our trip there prior to. We also need to return at night to book a room in Salt Lake City before returning home, because we had an early flight. So I point out the benefits I’ve racked up a brand hotel rewards credit card, get a free breakfast at the hotel two free nights (see our selection of the best hotel rewards card).

My husband took advantage of discounted by his employer work to a car rental deal. Because we would go to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton, we had to pay the entrance to the only thing that is a four-day tour covered two national parks costs $ 25.

If we go later in the summer, we would have been stationed save money. But with temperatures expected to fall INTØ the 1930s in the evening, and in the process advance hibernating bears fattening in the park, camping with three young children in this line is not a good choice. We booked two nights in a lodge room Yellowstone Park, then take advantage of off-season rates in Jackson, Wyoming, near Grand Teton Lodge (breakfast is included).

We also packed with environmentally friendly water bottles, so we do not have to pay exorbitant bottled water. We also brought a collapsible cooler, we are full into the national park, so we do not have to pay a premium meal in the park (see more ways to cut the cost of traveling with kids) to buy food before.

And two daughters told us in advance that they must use their own money to buy souvenirs. 2 years -Old we have no money of his own, so he did not get a souvenir. But he was not able to see Old Faithful, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, elk, bison, moose, wolves, and even grizzly bears. This is better than any gift, right?