Cash is a suitable wedding gift?

Q. My husband and I have been invited to the wedding, no product for this registry couple’s gift, but many of them will work with their wedding guests gifts What ideas. Contact us old-fashioned, but we request money through this put off. Any suggestions?

A. This is more than a question of moral etiquette. There’s nothing immoral about the newlyweds make such a request (although it may be a bit rude), and there is no moral dimension to your response. You have no obligation to give them anything, if you do not plan to attend the wedding, if you go, you are free to send any gifts you want.

Wedding gift is the traditional way to congratulate the couple and hELP they get established in their new home. Instead of the traditional gift registry (online or local store) to flourish, as well as my favorite encourage donations to the participating charity, rather than (or in addition to) a gift for the couple’s support. This works especially for elderly couples who already have one or more family, you may not need more kitchen equipment.

As for gifts: If you agree with the gift to spend a certain amount, why not put the same number of couples cash? Do you think this feeling too impersonal, because they never think kindly of coffee every time you use the time you send? Or do you not want them to be tempted to blow their wedding trip to Las Vegas cash? I agree that in these two areas of concern.

My wife and I recently received an invitation to move around the country who are of a young couple’s wedding, I hope traveling light, do not know what they will need in their new home, so they said they would love to have cash instead. However, we decided, as long as they settle down where they need to be useful from a hardware or home supply store stuff. So, we gave them a gift certificate instead of cash.