Financial consulting various income levels

Casey, a Facebook friends, having a request. She asked us “who PROFILE real middle class who make $ 50K a year, rather than the people who make annual $ 200K”.

Fair enough, Casey. Let me explain, in the choice of real people to analyze, we try to choose who represents income levels between our readers the full range of folks. Flip through the past few problems, for example, you’ll find about a college student who pays his way through school is not a loan, the story about a young couple who dig themselves out of debt, a 27-year-old woman with a gentle equivalent of the old 401 (k) plan, and who just bought a used car new parents for their growing family twins.

More broadly, we strive to include every problem is my story nterest readers at all income levels. A typical example is our cover story this month, our guide in all our stocks and exchange traded funds from year to dine running shoes and find the best price.

Everyone loves a bargain, any time now than ever before. With less than robust economy, Americans seem to be having could, of woulda, shoulda classic case. at the time by the TD Ameritrade’s recent survey shows that the overwhelming number of interviews that if they what they know to know before the current recession, they will spend less, save more lives within their means.

In addition we found a bargain, we recommend to get smart about what the best trading strategy. Also, I want to contribute my two cents worth on how to adhere to a budget and live within our means. Whatever your income, the smart money management is a spiritual produce big results in the question of money, and a small, simple steps.

For starters, keep their goal is simple. Zero in on the one thing you most want done.

Know your plastic personality. According to choose which one is right debit or credit card on your spending habits. And do not rule out in cash, which is making a comeback postrecession pay.

If only track your spending to a month or two. Use your debit card and credit card statements as a guide.

Pinpoint one area of ​​the restaurant you leak cash? high-tech products? -and stop the flow is positive.

Budget seen as a way to control small expenses now so you can afford to buy large fruit LS later.

Story from the trench. another query, we often like Cathy readers get financial advice is obtained from where, if you do not have to hide millions of dollars, many consultants as needed. If you are on board and most of us, our story, financial planning middle class is a good place to start.

Perhaps you are among those who submerged their mortgages or face severance. Have you considered your basement converted into a lease to raise cash? There are at least two Kipling staff have done this, we show you the ins and outs.

In the story we do not contract mobile phone plan is another truly inspire people, in the author himself. Staff writer Lisa Gerstner believes every month, she paid her cell phone c $ 70ontract is outrageous, so she switched to with unlimited text messaging and data for $ 26.75 per month no contract plan. This will fit almost anyone’s budget.

P.S. I bet you did not know you have an advocate in your corner IRS. In line with Nina Olson.