5 credit card mistakes to avoid in 2021

T these cleared from the helm of the debt.  When used properly, credit cards can be a solid financial instruments. They can not only help you improve your credit score, but they can also give you a reward of things you have to buy, which is basically free money to one form or another.

With issue credit cards, however, it is that they are very easy – and often – poor management. result? Expensive debt piling up, wrecked credit, and a lot of pressure. If you want to avoid the fate of the coming year, here are a few key mistakes from away.

Young man sitting on staircase holding credit while looking at laptop and grimacing.

1. Late payments

Pay your credit card bill late is problematic for two reasons. First, for each occurrence, you will late fees, the cost of rice you are slapped oney. Secondly, a single late payment is enough to lower your credit score, making it more difficult for you, the next time you need to borrow money.

To avoid your credit card bill late, set up in advance so that you remind them of the deadline date calendar reminders. At the same time, keep your spending to a reasonable level so that you will not be forced to pay late due to lack of funds. If you can not pay the entire credit card bills in full, so that at least your minimum payment. You still have to pay interest on your balance, but it at least to counted as a timely payment, which means that your credit score will not take a hit.

2. Only let your minimum payment

If there is a month’s time, you have to deal with a bunch of unplanned expenses, you will find yourself in a situation where you can only afford to make your minimum credit card payment. Although this is certainly not ideal, carry a small balance two months is not the end of the world.

Things more difficult, but when you often only minimum payment to keep your balance build. Not only does this cost you interest a lot of money, but it can also damage your credit score. This is because within your use, or the range of available credit you use, needs to be kept below 30% to avoid a hit to your credit score. This means that if your total credit limit is $ 5,000, you should not carry a balance of more than $ 1,500. However, if you only make your minimum payment, your balance will remain d growth, you risk landing in case you do not need.

Solution? Again, it comes down to clever charging – that promise only put the cost on your credit card, when you can actually afford to pay off your bills come due.

3. Do not read your credit card bill

You never know when your credit card number might fall into the hands of others. It is very easy to sneak a couple of modest fee to your card or hacker crime user without any sensible – that is, unless you make a point to read your monthly statement progressive line. If you are not your through your statements and announcements fee, you can use your credit card companies argue that they can not only get to them, but may also prevent your card back and forth 20m illegal re-use. In most cases, you will be issued a new card once all fraudulent charges on your account, in order to prevent the recurrence of discovery.

4. Do not ask for a better credit card terms

Ideally, you should not carry a balance on your credit card. However, if you have the interest and you pay a fortune in the same boat, you do your own serious injury, if you are not with your credit card company and request a lower interest rate. Remember, there is always a balance to refinance existing debt or transfer to a new card with a lower interest rate options, but you do so, it is worth doing a quick phone call your credit card company will see you what to do.

Along these lines, it never hurts to ask for a ASE incremental value to your credit limit – as long as you believe in yourself and never abused. Doing so can help out, before use, to improve your credit score.

Say that you carry in credit $ 5,000 $ 2,000 balance. This is a 40% utilization rate – is not ideal. But if you get your credit limit raised to $ 7,000, you’ll be back in favorable territory.

5. Close credit card you rarely use

If you have an old credit card sitting around, you could close out the account in your wallet, not another piece of plastic space-taking. But before that, consider this: the length of credit history is intoAnother key factor in the calculation of your credit score. This means that long-term accounts can actually improve your score, while closing them Ç have a negative impact. Therefore, do not be so quick to close out old accounts. The only reason is not to keep them if you are you never use the card to pay an annual fee.

You have your credit card in 2021 of smart, the more likely you will hurt your finances and debts of land. Credit cards make every effort to avoid these mistakes – you’ll be thankful it came to 2021